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Catspaw Sheet Glass

Kokomo Opalescent Glass is now offering our amazing Catspaw glass online.  Catspaw sheets are one of our oldest products, having been in production since 1888.  Our first customer, Louis Comfort Tiffany, purchased tens of thousands of pounds of our Catspaw over the years for use by Tiffany studios; today it is commonly used for restorative work or to make a more authentic looking new item.  These sheets are different from our standard sheet art glass in a number of ways.

Catspaw comes in two finishes; Smooth Catspaw and Granite Catspaw. It is produced on our Catspaw tables, where the glass is poured onto the table and then rolled with a single roller to thickness.  The texture comes from the table and not from the roller.  Because of the way it is manufactured, Catspaw is typically more difficult to cut than our regular glass.

Our Catspaw sheet sizes vary more, too.  Full sheets are 24” wide by 36” long, but can be as wide as 26” and over 42” long.  We sell this product only as a full sheet or a half sheet; full sheets are shipped in wooden crate via common carrier (semi truck) only, please call 765-457-8136 for pricing and shipping quotes.  Our half sheets are sold online and shipped through FedEx.

Catspaw Sheet Glass - 627 (Pale Blue (Leans Violet))
Catspaw 1/2 Sheet 627 (24x18)
Catspaw Sheet Glass - 807 (Medium Light Purple)
Catspaw 1/2 Sheet 807 (24x18)
Catspaw Sheet Glass - 811 (Lightest Purple)
Catspaw 1/2 Sheet 811 (24x18)
Catspaw Sheet Glass - 11 (Medium Amber (18L), Opal)
Catspaw 1/2 Sheet 11 (24x18)
Catspaw Sheet Glass - 41 Cerise Ruby
Catspaw 1/2 Sheet 41 (24x18)
Catspaw Sheet Glass - 33 Clear
Catspaw 1/2 Sheet 33
Catspaw Sheet Glass - 61 (Brown, Opal)
Catspaw 1/2 Sheet 61
Catspaw Sheet Glass - 629 Palest Blue
Catspaw 1/2 Sheet 629
Catspaw Sheet Glass - 621 Ice Blue
Catspaw 1/2 Sheet 621
Catspaw Sheet Glass - 813 Palest Purple
Catspaw 1/2 Sheet 813
Catspaw Sheet Glass - 18L Lighter Amber
Catspaw 1/2 Sheet 18L
Catspaw Sheet Glass - 18 Medium Amber
Catspaw 1/2 Sheet 18
Catspaw Cut Glass Variety Pack
Catspaw 10# Cut Glass Variety
Catspaw Sheet Glass Sample - Clear (33)
SCP Smooth Sample 33 Clear