Sheet Glass Styles

Types of Sheet Glass
Cathedral: Single color transparent glass.
Opal: Glass that is not transparent, although some sheets may contain relatively transparent areas.
Opalume: Single color non-transparent glass.
Streaky: Contains two or more transparent colors mixed together.
We still hand-mix our sheet glass using the same formulas since 1888!
A Word About Ordering Glass
We strive to accurately represent our glass in the images we display.  Every monitor is different and therefore will depict the glass somewhat differently.  The photos are taken of a 2" x 3" swatch of glass and may or may not show the beauty of a larger sheet of glass.  Additionally, if you contact us directly or leave a message in the notes section at check out what you are striving for we will do our best to meet your request.  We always advocate requesting a sample of the glass before you purchase.
Standard Sheet Glass Colors – Our beautiful art glass sheets, available in choice of colors, sizes, types, and textures

Sheet Glass Samples – Over two hundred of our most popular colors and textures; buy individually or as a set

Head Ends – When we create sheets of glass, the ends of those sheets can form unusual and interesting shapes.  We cut our glass sheets to precise sizes when they come off of the annealing Lehr and the head ends are what is left over.  Sometimes called tail ends, these glass trimming pieces are usually pretty enough to serve as a decorative piece without any changes, but they are great for art projects!

Off Batch (OB) Sheet Glass - KOG on occasion will create glass that is not the correct color.  Therefore, we have off batch (OB) glass, sometimes called off color or OC.  We offer OB sheets at a special price.

Dichroic - Dichroic glass is glass which displays two different colors by undergoing a color change in certain lighting conditions. We use the term to also include three or more colors (trichroic or pleochroic), depending on the process used on the glass, though most is true dichroic.  This glass gives the appearance of shifting colors depending on the angle of view. Our dichroic is processed onto either a clear glass base or a black glass base.