Sheet Glass - 607 (Medium Cobalt Blue)

Due to rapidly changing inventory levels, some textures of this color may not be available for immediate shipment; in the event that this happens your credit card will not be charged until we have spoken with you. You can also contact us at 765-457-1829 to insure availability before ordering.
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Sheet Glass - 607 (Medium Cobalt Blue)

Kokomo Opalescent Glass is famous for making beautiful sheet art glass; we’ve been using the same recipes since 1888 adding new choices over the years. 

Our beautiful sheet glass is available in a variety of sizes and textures.  If you do not see the exact thing you are looking for please call us, we may have it in our warehouse or we can probably make it.  Our stock levels change dramatically very quickly and inventory on the website may not actually reflect what is on hand. If an item does go out of stock, it could take a while to replenish.  For a more specific time, or if you want to ensure that a product is readily available, please call Internet Sales at 765-457-8136. 

While every effort has been made to accurately represent our glass products photographically, there may be some variation from the photos due to lighting and other environmental conditions; there is no substitute for a sample in hand.

All of the items at Kokomo Opalescent Glass are handmade with pride in Indiana, USA; because they are handmade there may be some variations from the photos.

Sheet Glass

  • Smooth
  • Seedy
  • Granite
  • Hammered
Sheet Glass Type:
Single Color Cathedral
  • 8" x 16"
  • 16" x 16"
SheetGlassPackBlue 8X8 - 6 pc
8" X 8"
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Spun 802-41
Our spun rondels come in a single color and are available in 2”, 3”, or 4” sizes. If you want a particular color but do not see it in our catalog,  please call Anne at 765-457-8136 for a custom quote. Because these are handmade works of art there may be some variance in size, thickness, and roundness. Photos are representative of the rondel you will receive.
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Spun 802-225LL
Spun - 225LL Cerise Ruby Rondels   Our spun rondels come in a single color and are available in 2”, 3”, or 4” sizes. If you want a particular color...
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