Rondel Color Reference Page

Kokomo Opalescent Glass Rondel Color reference chart

The picture above represents our standard cathedral color selection. The “S” represents standard Spun Rondel colors we currently make. The colors that we recommend not using in a spun rondel due to their density are marked with an “S*”.
KOG cathedral color Sheet Glass Cullet is re-melted in the Hot Glass Studio furnaces for production of KOG Rondels.  While every effort has been made to present these glass color images as accurately as possible, there is no substitute for the actual product, and they are intended to serve as a basis for rondel color selection.  Additionally, rondel color density will vary from sheet glass color density depending on the technique applied and the thickness of the rondel.
Spun Rondel: Always Solid Color. Generally thicker than 1/8” sheet glass. May have approximately double the color saturation.     
Blown Rondel: May be solid color, may be flashed.  Color density can be manipulated to some degree. Color Saturation will be darker or lighter depending on size, gathers of color, and thickness.
Small Blown Rondel: Often solid color. May be thinner than 1/8” sheet glass. May be a little less dense or equal to sheet glass color saturation.
Large Blown Rondel:  May be multiple gathers of color or may be flashed (one or more gathers of color over clear.)
How Do Rondels Compare in Color to Sheet Glass?
Great question!  All three items are produced using different methods and therefore will have a slightly different intensity of the same color.  Spun rondels will have a more Comparison of Kokomo Opalescent Glass spun rondel, blown rondel, and sheet glass in color #709intense color as they are slightly thicker, especially in the center, than sheet glass.  Blown rondels will have less intensity of color than the corresponding sheet glass that it is made from as they are blown and stretched.
If you ever have a question, contact us and we will be glad to advise you in selecting rondels to match your sheet glass.  To the right is a photograph of our #709 Sheet glass in the center with a Blown rondel on the left and a Spun rondel on the right.

All of the items at Kokomo Opalescent Glass are handmade with pride in Indiana, USA; because they are handmade there may be some variations from the photos.

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