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Bullseye Panes

Bullseye Panes
Inspired by centuries old window glass, KOG creates a line of restoration, reproduction, and new- build bullseye glass panes to compliment finely crafted millwork in doors, transoms, cabinetry, and windows.
A bullseye is a mouth blown rondel (intrinsically round) that has been cut down by hand to make a square or rectangular pane of glass. It is considered art glass, and though it can be laminated and/or encapsulated it is not tempered. The handmade nature of the glass blowing technique insures that the bullseye is unique, irregular and “imperfect” in thickness and appearance… and therein lies its beauty and intrigue.
Originally the bullseye pane was a poor man’s glass. Before the modernization of window glass, gaffers (glassblowers) crafted panes for more affluent clients by mouth blowing large circular rondels from which only the outer flattest edges were cut and used. The center with its break off pontil mark and irregular ripples was reserved for clients with less adequate funds or less important building projects such as barns.
Today this centuries old technique of producing glass panes has come full circle and architects, designers, artists, and their clients are realizing the subtle beauty the bullseye glass pane offers.
To measure the size rondel needed for a bullseye, draw your square or rectangle pattern. Measure across the diagonal from corner to corner. Add ½-1”. Note that the cut edge of the bullseye pane, due to the hand made nature of the product, will not be perfectly flat and is thicker towards the center of the cut and thinner moving to the outside corners.
We custom cut bullseye panes to your specifications.  Please email or call us for a quote or to place an order. Businesses please call 765-457-8136 or email.  Retail customers please call The OP Shop at 765-457-1829 or email.