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Art Glass Photos

This gallery has been provided to show you art glass pictures of finished works of art and glass products using Rondels, Bullseyes, Dalle De Verre, Mosaics using Dalle De Verre Glass, and Glass Head Ends from Kokomo Opalescent Glass. 

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Rondels may date back to medieval times, but they don’t have to be old fashioned…. unless you want them to be. Windows…Doors…Panels…Wall  Hangings… Free Standing Art

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Bullseye’s are simply rondels that have been cut into squares.  You see them so many places, in transoms, doors, windows, and freeform art.

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Dalle De Verre

Dalle de Verre…a French word for Slab of Glass, But so Much More Faceted or Whole…  Windows, Fountains, Gates, Wall Tile, Table Tops, Sculptures…and even Furniture Zander Blue (Red Bed)

Mosaic Dalles

These art glass pictures are examples of Dalle de Veer glass, cut or broken into the pieces that make the incredible works of art shown here, they can be from small ornamental works to magnificent walls of windows.

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Glass Head Ends

These examples of working with glass head ends shows how you can use your own imagination and creativity to create incredible works of art from our glass products