Laminate Glass

Backlit blue laminated counter topFrom thin glass panes you would see in French doors to thick countertops used daily in your home, laminated art glass offers almost endless possibilities.

Laminate glass is made when a sheet of our 1/8" art glass is laminated onto one or two sheets of modern plate glass, creating the Close up of laminated blue sheet glassdesired thickness of laminate glass. Using a specialized process, we create a permanent seal between the art glass and modern plate glass.  The result is a single piece of glass so stunning and beautiful that your eyes will be dazzled by the display of creativity.

We manufacture these pieces as a custom order only; any color of sheet glass can be ordered in our laminate glass line.  Call us at 765-457-8136 to discuss the specific dimensions, thickness of the finished piece, color of glass, and estimated due date. From there we will work up a quote for you and make any other arrangements.

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