We have a large variety of glass products to choose from.  We have organized them into the following categories to make them easier to find

  • Art Glass - These are functional works of art that you can purchase.  Jewelry, suncatchers, stained glass panels, shadow art, and much more
  • Sheet Glass - Ready to make your own art?  Our sheet glass comes in a huge array of colors, textures, and sizes. Find what you need here
  • Rondels and Bullseyes - Art glass rondels are usually used to make small craft objects or to become part of a larger scale piece of artwork; they may be foiled or leaded into larger structures to add shards, swathes, and blooms or color to a larger whole. 
  • More Glass - From our hot glass studio; Dalle de verre, rondels, marbles, cast glass, pressed glass, laminate glass, and custom made awards and trophies for your business or event.
  • Custom Glass - We make Tiffany glass, we can repair and restore most anything made with glass, we can match glass from other manufacturers, and we even do custom work made to your specifications!
  • Specials - Sometimes we run sales, we also get seconds; those things can be found here.
  • New Products - If it's new, it's here!