Fossil Enlongated Gumbo Vase

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Our spectacular enlongated rounded fossil gumbo vase is part of our overall fossil collection. Each of these highly intricate vases are hand crafted and signed by our mast glass blower, John Wolfe.  Mr. Wolfe has blown fossil pieces similar to these on display in the Smithsonian Institute.

These remarkable vases are made by creating the "creature fossils" from art glass, then placing them within hot glass while shaping the piece. Each one is somewhat different in appearance from the others, but has similar components layered within the piece.

These substantial vases weigh almost 6 pounds each!

Approximate size is 4" across by 10 1/2" tall.  Opening is approximately 3"

Note: This image represents the colors and styles used in the glass making process, and does not represent the exact item you will be receiving. Each piece is custom made by hand and some variations are to be expected.  Due to the manufacturing process, these pieces may need to be made to fill your order which can cause delays of two or more weeks.  If you need your vase in a hurry, please call 765-457-1829 for availability.