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  Dalle De Verre Rondels



Technical Specifications

General Information

Explanation of Density Codes:

At KOG the term "density" refers to the amount of light that any given sheet of glass will transmit. All Kokomo standard opalescent color combinations are available in a variety of densities to suit virtually any application. The codes listed below may be combined with the most opalescent color numbers as shown in the following example:

Examples using KOG's popular number 11:

11D Very dense. Diffuses light.
11MD Medium dense. Limited light transmission.
11 Medium. KOG's most common density. No density code follows the color number.
11L Light. Wispy, nearly translucent opal.
11LL Streaky. Indicates that the glass is a combination of two or more cathedral colors with no opal content.

Customer Responsibility:

When a shipment is delivered, check it immediately for damage. If any is noted, receive the shipment, and insure that the delivery company marks the delivery bill "goods delivered damaged". File a claim with the delivery company as soon as possible. After receiving the shipment and determining it to be in good condition, check the glass against your original order to insure that no factory packing errors have been made. Notify KOG as soon as possible (maximum of 30 days from date of receipt of order) in the event of a factory packing error, or if your shipment is in any way defective.

Installation Guidelines:

Since each application of glass is subject to different conditions, we leave the determination of lite sizes and methods of installation a responsibility of designer, installer, and/or owner. Some points to remember: Art glass is primarily batched and processed for use in small pieces fastened together by led and cement to form a unit. Care must be exercised to glaze with ample edge clearance. Because of possible warpage, do not force it to conform to a flat surface. Any glass with color introduced absorbs heat from the sun. A glass with multiple colors may absorb heat unevenly. Therefore, the possibility of any colored glass withstanding solar, sonic, weather, and building stresses is greatly increased if lites are the smallest possible size. We recommend lites not exceed 16"x16". Thermal or IG units are not recommended as the heat buildup between the two panels of thermal glass can crack the glass. Safety glass on the outside can be used to protect the stained glass but must be properly vented to allow any heat buildup to escape.

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Do you still make color “X”?

Probably. There are very few colors that have been retired. We make around 22,000 colors and textures so we probably have your color or will be producing it soon.

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Where can I purchase Kokomo Opalescent Glass?

If you are interested in purchasing sheet art glass or retail, please view the Sheet Glass section of this website, or feel free to call our retail shop for person to person assistance in selecting the perfect color(s) for your project. We sell to distributors and direct to studios, many individuals find that they can purchase from our distributors located close to them and save on shipping costs. Please see our Distributors List or Contact Us so that we may assist you best.

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Do you have samples?

Yes! With so many colors to choose from making a decision is not always easy. See our Samples section to purchase a 2” x 3” sample at a nominal charge. We offer a sample box that hass our textures and approximately 250 our most popular colors and textures. We have knowledgeable and helpful staff available to assist you in matching colors, you are welcome to send us a piece to match at 1310 S. Market St., Kokomo, IN 46902, Attn: Cindy Locke. 

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Is your glass fusible?

Our glass has a COE of 92-94 and tends to fuse with COE 90-96.  We always recomend testing a small piece to ensure the suitability for your particular application.

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Can you cut glass to my specifications?

Yes! We are happy to custom cut your sheet glass art or other orders and can cut straight cuts, circles, or special items. Contact Us directly for more information and quotes.

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Shipping Information:

We send most all our shipments with Federal Express and offer you the options of Over Night, Second Day, Standard Ground, and SmartPost. When your shipment arrives, please look it over immediately. If there is an issue, please contact us.

Any glass over 20 inches must be sent in a crate. There is a higher rate of breakage in standard boxes when items exceed this dimension; we have made this change in order to better serve you. There is a $35 crate fee for items shipped in crates via FedEx. This includes anything up to 32x16, above that size must be sent via freight.

Freight shipments include a $35-$65 crate fee anda $5 skid charge in addition to shipping. Freight shipments vary depending on size, weight, and destination, and will be quoted when the purchase has been processed.

We do not send via USPS unless requested specifically by a customer.

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Shipping Guarantees:

We guarantee very specific kinds of items that are shipped via FedEx. We will replace 8x16, 16x16, half head packs, and jewels. We do not guarantee any items sent via USPS. If there is an issue, please contact us.

If an item is not satisfactory to your needs, we do accept returns of anything purchased from our online store. Simply ship the item back to us, and we will give a full refund of the item, but do not refund shipping costs. We recommend purchasing glass samples prior to large purchases in order to prevent any confusion of what color and style of glass you will be receiving.

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About Glass Density

At KOG the term “density” refers to the amount of light that any give sheet of glass will transmit. All of our standard opalescent color combinations are available in a variety of densities to suit virtually any application. Our most popular colors are offered for sale under our Sheet Glass section of this website. Many additional colors can be found under the Samples section. If you are looking for a specific color, please feel free to contact us for additional colors and availability.

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Types of Sheet Glass

  • Opal: Glass that is not transparent, although some sheets may contain relatively transparent areas.
  • Streaky: Contains two or more colors mixed together and may or may not be transparent.
  • Cathedral: Single color transparent glass.
  • Opalume: Single color non-transparent glass

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Glass Size Variance

At times, our glass will be listed as a specific size. We try our best to assure all our glass is as close to the listed size, but can have some disparity, which means the glass could be cut under or cut over the listed size. Standard size variance can range from ¼" under to ¾" over, which can create issues if you are directly installing the glass, or have a specific need that is size dependent.

In order to offset this issue, please let us know in the order notes if you are in need of exact sizes and are unable to do trimming or size adjustments on the glass yourself. We are more than happy to cut the piece to the exact size you need and will make sure your order is to your satisfaction.

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Dalle De Verre

What is Dalle De Verre Glass?

Dalle De Verre, French for slab glass, is made from the same pots as our stained glass. It is poured into a 12” x 8” mold to a thickness of approximately 1”. Projects containing Dalle De Verre will involve breaking (usually with a hammer) or cutting the slabs into pieces and placing them in a mold box then placing epoxy between the pieces in a very careful manner. Feel free to contact us about using our dalles in your projects.

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Can I use Dalle De Verre instead of billits?

We do not recommend using our dalles as billet for casting as they can be made using cullet and greatly affect the outcome of your project.

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Do you have samples?

Yes! We offer a sample box of our Dalle De Verre glass which contains 2” x 3” pieces of the actual dalle slabs. These pieces are rough cut and may contain sharp edges. Visit our Dalle De Verre samples page.

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What are Rondels?

A mouth blown glass art piece that has been spun into a circular shape, often irregular. Sometimes incorporated into leaded glass artworks. Rondels are fun, colorful and exciting hot glass products that you can use to add interest to your stained glass creations. They are round and can be in sizes from 2” to 20” and are available in a huge selection of colors and styles to suit your needs. You can see many examples of finished installations in our Gallery.

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What Types, Styles and Sizes do you have?

Rondels are available in two types, Spun and Blown. We have sizes ranging from 2” to 20”. We have tried to showcase the wide variety of styles from the Optic, Wacky Wrap, Hot Wrap, Murrini, Frit Swirl, Feathered, and solid colors for sale in the Rondel section of this website. If you need something special please contact us.

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What is the difference between a Spun and Blown Rondel?

At first blush, they may appear very similar. A blown glass art rondel is as it sounds, glass that is gathered and blown into a bubble. That bubble is then pierced and opened into the flat shape then broken off leaving a thicker portion at the center called a punty. Blown rondels are made from both clear glass and clear glass with a color overlay called flashing and are available in sizes from 3” to 20”.

A Spun rondel is always made from colored glass, unless it is supposed to be clear, and is shaped from a gather of glass then formed with a “footing” tool to the correct size. Spun rondels have a punty, are thicker than blown rondels, more economical, only available in sizes 2” – 4” and have a standard color pallet that you can find under our Rondel section of this site. Other colors can be made with a minimum order of 20 rondels per color, please contact us for a price quote and availability.

Both Spun and Blown rondels can be incorporated into stained glass projects with lead cane or copper foil.

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