Bead Making Classes

Our fun bead making class will teach you the skills you need to make your own art glass bead stringer with beads; single color blue, dark blue textured, black dotted with white, light blue with melted dots, white flowered, white with frit, and white stretch with frit swirlbeads! In this class you will learn how to make a stringer as well as several kinds of beads; dots, melted dots, flowers, frit, stretched, single color, and textured using a marvering tool.  You will make 8-12 beads in this class, depending on how quickly you pick up the techniques.
Classes are $75 for the two hour course.  Get five of your friends together and get your class for a great deal!  Classes can be scheduled by contacting the OP Shop at 765-457-1829.
Once you have take a class you can come by and use our Open Torch time (Cost is $8 per hour for use of torch and tools) to work on your skills.  Additional open torch time is available by appointment
What students have said about the bead making classes:
"Everyone here was great" - Marlene
"Very good instruction..." - Anita
white bead with colored frit"Very informative - Enjoyed it so very much and will definitely want to do again.  Great teacher!" - Jana
"I am very grateful that you have made this available in Kokomo.  I intend to practice here and continue with classes.  Thank you!" - Martha
"I Loved IT!  Gabby is Wonderful! I will be back!" - Sandy
"Sandy was excellent!!  Very helpful and tailored the class to my needs, Thanks!!" - Neal
"Just awesome! Instructors were patient and kind. Very good help & encouragement to a beginner." - Joyce
"Very enjoyable, I have had several people tell me about this place - loved it! Hard time finding it though." - Shirley
"Had a great time. Hope to get my grandson here, he is an art teacher in the Blind School but loves working with glass." - Nancy
"Had a great time, Thanks!" - Regina
"I really enjoyed the class and I had a lot of fun, Anna was great." - Victoria
"Great instructor, very encouraging. Made steps simple & easy to understand. Loved it." - Sarah
"Anna was sweet." - Allison
"Anna is an awesome & talented lady!" - Delaney
"Great time! Look forward to coming back!" - Karen
"Dee is an excellent teacher and the beads we're fun to make! I will be back! Thanks!!" - Betty
"Nice beads to have when class was finished, Dee was so helpful to a novice like me." - Nancy
"Excellent class, I can't wait to come back to make more beads." - Jennifer
"It was so fun!" - Bonnie
"Very thourough class, I wish I lived closer so I could take more classes, can't thank you enough!" - Nancy