Off Batch - Autumn Wheat SCP 24"x18"

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Color Mix: Amber and White

Size: 24" x 18"

Texture: Smooth Catspaw

OB Glass Named By: Ginger Johnson 

“Off Batch” is a glass whose color was not on spec once it was finished, or occasionally a batch that was not fully consistent from sheet to sheet.  Because of this any two sheets may not be an exact match.  Each piece is beautiful and cannot be duplicated, once our supply is gone these are gone forever!

Sold online as a half sheet only, approximate size is 24" by 18"; sizes can vary.

Catspaw sheets are one of our oldest products, having been in production since 1888.  Our first customer, Louis Comfort Tiffany, purchased tens of thousands of pounds of our Catspaw over the years for use by Tiffany Studios; today it is commonly used for restorative work or to make a more authentic looking new item.  These sheets are different from our standard sheet art glass in a number of ways.

This product is produced on our Catspaw tables, where the glass is poured onto the table and then rolled with a single roller to thickness.  The texture comes from the table and not from the roller.  Because of the way it is manufactured, Catspaw is typically more difficult to cut than our regular glass.

Photos are representative of the item you will receive.

All of the items at KOG are made by hand in Indiana, USA; because they are handmade there may be some variations from the photos.

Sheet Glass

  • Smooth Catspaw
Sheet Glass Type:
Opalescent Combination
  • 24" X 18"
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