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Art Glass

Art glass rooster stained glass panel
From jewelry to cathedrals; KOG has been in business since 1888 for a reason: beauty is a valuable commodity in any century, in any year, for every person in their own way.

Beauty is always in demand and the best, time-tested, handcrafted techniques still make the most beautiful glass products.
Decorative glass and sculptural glass aren’t just art glass: they’re the light, too. When a craftsman assembles a window out of sheet glass, he’s not just making a window, he’s creating an atmosphere.  The window stays fixed in its frame, but the light in the room is always changing and transforming depending on the angle of the sunlight streaming through the glass.  In the same way other art glass and decorative glass products—suncatchers, jewelry, trophies etc.—aren’t only beautiful in and of themselves, but they make everything around them more beautiful as well.Art glass bowl by John Wolfe

At KOG, our art glass and sculptural glass products fall into two main umbrella categories: specially made materials for the artist to use in crafting his or her own vision and finished artworks for "the collector," whether individual or corporate.

Our specially made materials consist of rondels, dalle de verre, sheet glass, stained glass windows and cast glass, in a wide spectrum of colors and styles to the exact specifications that you order.  We are passionate about working with artists, and are glad to engage in fine levels of detail and to produce special orders according to your specifications.
Art glass kaliedoscopesAs far as our finished artworks go, if it's glass we can do it!  Our glassmakers can craft anything you can think of from suncatchers that will brighten your porch, to engraved trophies that will dignify the desk of your best employee.  We are able to handle orders of any size, from individual orders to large commercial orders, and take the same care with your order whether you are a big fish, or just an individual.  We make bowls, vases, custom emblems, custom stamps, custom molds; you name it.  If it's glass, we can do it. 
Customer service is one of our core principles here at KOG. This means that in terms of crafting and delivering the decorative glass or art glass product that you’re ordering we make it a priority to make your experience smooth, and simple.  We think that a good business relationship is like a work of art: the more work you put into it, the more reliable and satisfying the final product will be.

If you’re in the market for decorative glass, art glass & sculptural glass, you can count on KOG.
This turkey is right on time for the Thanksgiving! Brighten your window with our festive turkey. Size: 5 3/4" W x 7" T Our standard suncatcher comes with a...
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Our jack O'lantern Halloween pumpkin is full of color and beauty making it a fun fall suncatcher. Approximate size: 6" tall x 7" wide Our standard suncatcher...
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Our gorgeous sunflower will look great in your window! The perfect art glass decoration for fall (autumn), or summer, it also makes a superb gift...
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This special piece incorporates a beautiful 10" blown rondel, and a specially made black cat and fence to make this piece a beautiful hit for Halloween! Get...
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Our fall pumpkin is the perfect decoration for your window for Thanksgiving or the autumn season.  Approximate size: 5 1/8" tall by 4 1/4" wide...
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Just in time for Halloween, we have our glass ghost votive. Get one now before the holidays end! Candle included. Approximate size: 4" tall by 7" wide by...
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$650.00 $325.00
Our gorgeous peacock panel utilizes dozens of pieces of colorful KOG glass and has a bevel in each of the four corners. It was created by our amazingly...
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Our attractive beaded heart key fob is a great way to keep track of your keys! They also make great gifts for someone special. Each one features a hand made...
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$200.00 $100.00
Our lovely red and blue panel has a beautiful quilt pattern and has nine clear bevels. The textured red and blue glass gives it a dimensional feel as it...
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Just in time for Halloween! Our bat is a beautiful hanging foiled piece, making it a fun fall suncatcher. Approximate size: 2 1/2" tall x 5" wide Our...
In stock

Our adorable snowman suncatcher is ready to warm up your winter window this Christmas season!  You can choose to have the red cap and scarf, the green cap...
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Get caught up with our spider in it's web Approximate size: 6" Tall x 7" Wide Our standard suncatcher comes with a suction cup mount for your window or...
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