The People

The team at Kokomo Opalescent Glass is dedicated to crafting the highest quality sheet glass and blown glass art, delivering unparalleled customer service.


John O'Donnell, CEO


John O’Donnell is our Chief Executive Officer, he can be found just about anywhere as he moves throughout the operations here at 1310 S. Market Street. His mind is always working on new ideas for products, packaging, and overall operations. We appreciate his leadership and always look forward to his new projects.

Richard Elliott


Richard Elliott, our President, is ever watchful of the glass production. He takes great pride in the process and making sure that the glass Kokomo Opalescent Glass produces is of the highest quality. Richard is a fourth generation descendant of Mr. Peter E. Hoss and served our country in the United States Army before his career here at KOG.


Patty O’Donnell


Patty O’Donnell serves on our Board of Directors for Kokomo Opalescent Glass.


Administrative and Sales Staff

Sheet glass sales staff include Cindy who works with our distributors, Katie who works with our studios, Pam who works in the office and is the cheerful voice that greets many of our commercial sales customers, and Lynn is Treasurer.

Cindy LockePam BakerLynn Smith


Hot Glass Studio

Utilizing our one-of-a-kind art glass, the Hot Glass Studio staff create marvelous works of art in the ancient glassblowing method. All items for sale online and in-store are created by these talented artists!

Jon Wolfe Anne Elliott Jeff Simmons     Kevin Austin



Sheet Glass Factory

This hard working team brings our sheet glass to life, these hard workers include colormen, dalle production, maintenance, tablemen, ladlers, trimmers, packers, shippers, and furnace men, and cutlite workers.


Chad Tudor       Jack Paul



The OP Shop Team

From sheets of glass to works of art, The Op Shop team creates dazzling works of art and the detailed sales staff provide creative displays for you to choose from.

 Karen Pier  Mark David Riggs    Jil Pence  


The marketing team creates all the materials you can receive to learn about our historic company. From marketing management, to graphic design, to web and social media, our marketing team is available to provide any marketing and media information you can imagine.


All of us at Kokomo Opalescent Glass welcome your comments and look forward to making your experience at the factory, in our retail shop, or on our website the very best.  We are only an e-mail or phone call away.  We sincerely appreciate your interest in Kokomo Opalescent Glass, America’s oldest art glass company!