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We hand-mix our sheet glass using "recipes"
that are more than 122 years old.

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Types of Sheet Glass

  • Opal: Glass that is not transparent, although some sheets may contain relatively transparent areas.
  • Streaky: Contains two or more colors mixed together and may or may not be transparent.
  • Cathedral: Single color transparent glass.
  • Opalume: Single color non-transparent glass.

How is sheet glass different than stained glass?

For the uninitiated, understanding the differences between these glass types can initially be difficult.  Know that colored glass and sheet glass are basically synonyms, but neither of these terms is perfectly synonymous with stained glass. 

Stained glass is, literally, stained glass.  It is glass that has been painted.  A powder is applied to transparent glass and then the product is kiln fired.  If you paint a pane of glass blue, and fire it, your end product is blue. 

But sheet glass is different.  A blue pane of sheet glass is literally blue—through and through. It produces a light and an effect that is richer and more striking than stained glass and its color does not wear down with age, but remains as brilliant as the day it was made.  

More importantly, sheet glass can be exposed to incredibly high temperatures, reshaped, and reformed while retaining its color. 

Stained glass is painted.  Sheet glass is created. 

At KOG we proudly stand by the fact that our sheet glass is of a quality that is as good as, and usually better than, any glass manufacturer in the world.  We produce the best quality colored glass sheets in the United States, and we are the only art glass factory in the nation that manufactures glass sheet by hand. 

What makes our sheet glass different?

The color, clarity, texture and workability of our sheet glass is second to none.  The intensity of our art glass color derives from our hand-mixing techniques.  You just can’t get the same effect by mixing with a machine—otherwise we would have converted long ago!  We remain committed to hand-ladling and hand-mixing because it produces the best quality product.  Period. 

Due to the formulation of our colored glass sheets it is easier to cut and score and it breaks more cleanly and crisply, and as a result it is a pleasure for most craftsmen.  Clean-breaking glass allows craftsmen to rely on our materials and their skills rather than luck to achieve the forms that they want.  The result is a remarkable degree of precision in the finished product.  Again, the formulation that makes our art glass more workable is reliant on our unique hand-crafted methodology.

A Word About Ordering Glass

We strive to accurately represent our glass in the images we display.  Every monitor is different and therefore will depict the glass somewhat differently.  The photos are taken of a 2" x 3" swatch of glass and may or may not show the beauty of a larger sheet of glass.  Additionally, if you contact us directly or leave a message in the notes section at check out what you are striving for we will do our best to meet your request.  We always advocate requesting a sample of the glass before you purchase.