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Dalle De Verre

We offer hand-poured, Dalle De Verre using
"recipes" that are more than 125 years old.


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Dalle De Verres Being Poured


How are Dalle De Verres made?

      What are Dalle De Verres?

Simply, dalle de verre, is a French term meaning “slab of glass”. At Kokomo, each day one or two of the 12 pots from the KOG 12-pot furnace are designated for casting production. A typical batch may be anywhere from 500 to 700 pounds of molten cathedral (transparent) color which may be cast into a variety of molds, the most standard being 8” x 12” x 1” .




Types of Dalle De Verre


Solid Color Dalle De Verre: Single color dalles are almost always transparent (cathedral) color formulas that are modifications of the 125 year old sheet glass colors. Currently Kokomo offers over 67 colors in their palette. Color images for reference are available on the KOG website, and while every effort is made to present the colors as accurately as possible, there is no substitute for a sample of the actual product. Please phone, fax, or email requests for samples.

Streaky Dalle De Verre:Streaky colors and combinations are created by dropping small pieces of KOG sheet glass, a few at a time, into the pot containing the base color. The base color is most often clear. The production team waits a few minutes for the sheet glass to melt before ladling and pouring into the mold. It is the back and forth fashion of the pour that creates the streaky design.


What are Dalle De Verres used for?


The most traditional use of slab glass is for faceted projects where the glass is either chipped with a special hammer or cut with a wet saw to desired shapes. The shapes are then epoxied with a specific material designed for glass into a pattern often referred to as the cartoon. In addition architects and artists are using the form of glass in a variety of other ways for wall tile, furniture, sculptures, metro lens, gazebos, fountains, and even awards.

Swift Bar  KOG and Xander Blue Gleen Green's Artpiece Marianist Air Force Academy Anna Lee Chalos-McAleese Sculptor Likins Hall Glass Installation GRT Siebert-Landscaping Ind Art Glass-Clarian-Starbucks Dalle De Verre Lined Pool S. Pitcher