Kokomo Opalescent Glass

1310 S. Market St. 
Kokomo, IN 46902

  Local Toll Free
Main Office (765) 457-8136 (877) 475-6329
Customer Service (765) 457-1829 (877) 703-4290 
The OP Shop (765) 457-1829 (877) 703-4290
Please keep in mind we are in the Eastern Time Zone when visiting us. 


Our retail store The OP Shop is open Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM.  For our glass artists, please keep in mind that our sheet glass & supplies area closes 30 minutes before the gift shop.

Tour Info

Take a tour of Kokomo Opalescent Glass and step back in time – you will see the fascinating technique of making art in art sheet glass form. We still manufacture our art sheet glass the same way it was made more than a century ago. In addition, you will see our glass blowers at work making anything from blown glass rondels to exclusive one of a kind blown glass paperweights and vases.

Once your tour is complete you will be given a gift from KOG!  We want your visit to Kokomo Opalescent Glass to be memorable and for you to take away a piece of history.  After you see how our glass is created, you can shop in our retail store - The OP Shop. 

Public Tours

The daily public tour is Monday - Friday at 10:00 AM ONLY.  The daily 10:00 AM tour is not given on the listed holidays or weekends: New Year's Day (January 1st), Memorial Day (May 30), 4th of July (July 4th), Thanksgiving (November 24), and Christmas Eve through Christmas Day (December 23-26).

 Our factory workers come in early and leave as soon as the daily public tour is finished.  

Private Tours

Private tours can be scheduled to take place between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM weekdays Monday - Friday, call (765) 457-1829 or (877) 703-4290 to schedule a private tour.


 General Admission: $5       Student Admission: $2

Tour Release Form available for download and print.  


Requirements and Guidelines

Our factory is more than 125 years old and certain limitations and requirements apply. Please keep these items in mind when scheduling a tour.

  • Walkers are not permitted on the tour, they are welcomed in our retail shop.
  • Oxygen tanks are not permitted on the tour, they are welcomed in our retail shop.
  • Feet must be completely enclosed in thick soled shoes. No open toe, open heeled, flip-flops, or clog style shoes are permitted due to OSHA Safety Regulations.
  • If you are adversely affected by temperature extremes, you may decide to wait in our climate controlled gift shop.
  • The factory has no climate control, so you will need to dress for the weather. Temperatures vary greatly throughout the factory even in the winter, and can be extremely hot in the summer.


Tour Comments

We invite our tour guests to comment on thier tour.  Since guests come from a diverse background from families on vacation to artists wanting to see how the glass they work with is created.  Here are some of the comments:

"One in a million opportunity to see an awesome Indiana treasure. I can't believe you take the time to connect in the community - We need more of you!"

Virginia Forbes, Indianapolis, IN -Sept 2016

"I liked both the guides and the progression through the factory. I got a real sense of the total process. I arrived a little late and Katie took the time to help me catch up to the first tour. I really appreciated the time she took to allow me to make the tour. I will be back!"

Ken Conley, Pittsburg, KY -Sept 2016

"Kevin did a good job explaining & answering questions. Enjoyed it! As good as the first time. Tiffany did a good job on the history."

Mary Lobello, Jacksonville, FL -Sept 2016

"So glad you still offer a tour. Many companies don't anymore due to OSHA/ government regs. So neat that much of process & some equipment is like it's always been."

Suzanne Lawrence, Ft. Collins, CO -Sept 2016

"This is my third tour & Kevin was superior, lots of detail. You can tell he loves his work. Thank you, Kevin."

Mike Bullock, Peru, IN -Sept 2016

"Did not know what we were missing by not coming here! Thanks!"

Deb Karrick, Arlington, OH -August 2016

"Loved everything and looking forward to working with all facets of glass at KOG."

Brian Harvey, Richmond, IN -August 2016

"Loved it! I might have to come back & learn more."

Kay James, Logansport, IN -August 2016

"Wonderful, Kevin was great."

Henrey Irbli, Bainbridge, GA -August 2016

"Justin has a great personality. He was very well informed about KOG! Gift shop workers were friendly & helpful."

V. Coper, Sun City, FL -August 2016

"Excellent overview. Sydney was very informative and personable."

Bill & Mary Stammer, Alto Pass, IL -July 2016

"Katie & Tiffany were both wonderful. This was a fasinating & unique experience. We're so glad we came!"

Kate Brandt, Carmel, IN -July 2016

"Justin's enthusiasm, knowledge and willingness to answer all queries. His HS Art teacher's pride!"

Jon Broderick, Fort Wayne, IN -July 2016

"Great tour. You're better than Murano near Venice! This is much more personal in presentation. Thank you!"

J. Walker, Austin, TX -July 2016

"We had a great time. Very informative. Friendly employees in each section of the tour."

Cyndi Kelly, Fort Wayne, IN -July 2016

"Love this place, beautiful, historical, mt go-to place to bring visitors now!"

Shelly, Zionsville, IN -July 2016

"I'll never look at glass in the same way."

Nancy Connolly, Noblesville, IN -July 2016

"Justin is a wonderful tour guide! Very thorough!"

Stephanie Daugherty, Noblesville, IN -July 2016


Bob Daugherty, Noblesville, IN -July 2016

"Our tour guide, Justin was really funny and informational." 

JT Dangerty, Alexandria, VA -July 2016

"Thanks Justin for an unforgettable experience."

J Garma, Leo, IN -July 2016

"Great stop as we start a week of vacation. The tour was authentic and well worth the minimal cost. Thank you!"

Mel & Cindy Regier, Winona Lake, IN -June 2016

"We love it all. Brought our friends from England. So good, so proud of you."

Steve & Shirley Drew, Kokomo, IN -June 2016

"I love that you do the tours!"

---???, Huntington, IN -June 2016

"Had a wonderful time. So glad to have heard about it and was able to do tour!"

Kelli Isaacs, Pendleton, IN -June 2016

"Excellent. informative, interesting & would definitely recommend to others. Thank you!"

Robin Wilson, Noblesville, IN -June 2016

"Fasinating. Thank You!"

Nancy Fisch, Peoria, AZ -June 2016

"Fabulous! Hope you're here in another 180 years!"

---???, OH -June 2016

"So glad you continue to do tours, I always enjoy factory tours but not many companies do them anymore, very educational."

---??? -Maple Plain, MN -June 2016

"Very good, easy to hear the guide."

Ed Hanson -Crownpoint, IN -May 2016

"Very interesting & helpful."

Joyce Steigenga -May 2016

"Nice to see skilled people making things."

--Steve Ormiston, Oxford, OH -Mar 2016

"I got a lot of great photos. Will be back to take a class. Thanks a million."

---Alicia Fry, Westfield, IN -Feb 2016

"It's good to know some basic information about the glass making, especially under the roof of the historical building."

---??? -Feb 2016

"I so appreciated Katie giving me this tour, it was fascinating & personal."

---Gretchen Ely, Lafayette, IN -Feb 2016

"Excellent. Everyone was friendly at each step of the tour & answered our questions."

---???, Noblesville, IN -Feb 2016

"Very interesting, great tour & fieldtrip! We really enjoyed it!"

---Kate Lineback, Noblesville, IN -Feb 2015

"Wonderful guide! Beautiful gift shop."

---Joe Stevens, Lake Station, IN -Feb 2016

"Thank you! Will recommend you to those I see that mention glass. The town of Arcadia, IN had a glass factory in the early 1900's so it is quite interesting to me."

---??? Feb 2016

"Really, really enjoyed it! Looking forward to trying out the bead making class."

---Debbie Decker, Indianapolis, IN -Feb 2016

"Great to see how it is done. Great ideas are created by watching & seeing products being made."

---??? Feb 2016

"Great tour. I have a couple boxes of stained glass supplies. Maybe it is time to dig them out."

---LaVonne Mitchell, Greenfield, IN -Feb 2016

"Very cool place, I hope to come back again!"

---Michael Parrish, Marion, IN -Jan 2016

"I was really impressed with the tour, was hoping to get a mantle after the tour for a souveniur. THANKS FOR A GOOD TIME!"

---Jeff Swank, Lafaytte, IN -Jan

"So enjoyable & informative - as said Spring is a better time to come, but still great even though."


"We spent a lot of time looking at the beautiful shop & came back the next day day for the tour & had a great time. The staff here is so helpful & Katie spent so much time with us showing us so many special features. P.S. Thanks for the free glass souvenir!!"

--Pat Ormiston, Oxford, OH -Mar 2016

"Awesome- it's fun that the employees seem to really appreciate working here."

--Jan Ellis, Zionsville, IN -Mar 2016

"Katie was very informative and knoledgable on this company & the process."

--Lindsay, Indianapolis, IN -Mar 2016

"I think it was very informative. I have known Kokomo all my life & did not know this was here. Very interesting."

--Princess Johnson, Anderson, IN -Mar 2016

"What a great place-a gem in the heart of Kokomo!"

--Catherine Heflin, Kokomo, IN -Mar 2016

"David was extremely passionate & made the tour exciting."

--Susan Zody, Kokomo, IN -Mar 2016

"It was awesome! Loved shopping in the store."

--Therese & Jason Zeman, Jessieville, AR -Mar 2016

"I felt it was a great experience to see especially with the kids. I love the fact of the recycling."

--Twila Friel, Mooresville, IN -Mar 2016

"Enjoyed learning about the factory and it's history and the process of glassmaking."

--Tim Ross, Upland, IN -Mar 2016

"Awesome tour and experience, very enlightening to the process and cost of glass objects."

--David Morgan, Sussex, NJ -Mar 2016

"Very interesting. I'm going to tell my daughter about it. (Has 2 teenage sons.)

--Betty G. Watkins, Frankfort, IN -Mar 2016

"Great! Kids age 13, 12, and 10 loved it! Thank you!"

--Shawn, Brookston, IN -Mar 2016

"Very informative & good Hoosier story."

--Mark & Beth, -Nov 2015

"Thanks, great tour & staff!!! Love your place here!! Thank you so much for the free gift!"

--White & Hammond Family, Elwood, IN -Nov 2015

"Very good. One of the best factory tours I have been on."

--Penny Bigelow, Indianapolis, IN -May 2016

"Very educational-surprising amount of inventory!"

--Jeff Isch, Bluffton, IN -May 2016

"This was an interesting tour I never would have thought to go on, but having seenthe process I now have an even greater appreciation of the art of glassmaking. Great to hear how far this glass has sold."

--???, Dayton, OH -May 2016

"Very well done, I really enjoy it."

--Judith Kelly, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI -May 2016

"Beauty everywhere, David made it so interesting. I loved it and will tell others."

--Mike Allen, Kettering, OH. -May 2016

"Great tour & friendly employees. Very glad we came across the information (in the Indiana Travel book). I have lived in Indiana my entire life & have never heard of KOG until recently. Definitely will spread the word. Thank you!!!"

--Samantha, Noblesville, IN. -April 2015

"Very Enjoyable!  I am proud to have such a wonderful company in this country!"

--Karen, Greentown, IN. -October 2014

"I was born and raised in Kokomo but left in 1982 for college...a Hoosier girl who didn't realize what beauty was in her

hometown!  You have an awesome operation and I'm proud you are in Kokomo!"

--Suzanne Sharp, Bloomington, IN-October 2014

"Great tour!  I learned a lot and had fun!

--Barbara, Logansport, IN-September 2014

"I had no idea what went in to glass making.  I loved learning about it all!"

--B., Walton, IN-September 2014

"Wow! I can't believe the process!  It's Amazing!"

--Melanie, Topeka, KS.-August 2014

"I'm so glad we came!  I never knew you were here.  I appreciate your local and national pride. Thank you!"

--Fran, Elkart, IN-August 2014

"The Information given on how everything works was great and seeing it in action!"

-- Sarah, Noblesville, IN- August 2014

"It is great to be able to observe the process and see the final results!"

--Fred, Indianapolis, IN-July 2014

"I loved seeing the beauty and abundance of glass!"

--Karen, Kokomo, IN- July 2014

"I would take this tour again, and reccommnd it to others!"
-- Gay, Dunkirk, IN- July 2014

"This was a great and interesting tour.  Thank you for allowing us to see this process!"
-- Kelly & Wendy, Mark Center, OH-July 2014

"Thanks for Sharing Each Step.  It was great to see the real work being done rather than a 'Disney-like' representation!"
-- Tom, June 2014

"Excellent!   Our tour guide was superb.  Really appreciate the microphone she wore."
— Vivian, Brookston, IN - January 2014

"Overall evaluation, very neat place, enjoyed learning how everything works!"
— Genty, Kokomo, IN - January 2014

"Great job!  The individual care and personal interaction with tour guide and artists was great!  My students loved the experience and special gifts at the end!  Thanks!"
— Tina, Kokomo, IN - January 2014

"Delightful, educational with many charming characters to show off!"
— Joy, Nunith, MI - December 2013

"Great time!  Very educational"
— Cindy, Jackson, MI - December 2013

"Enjoyed watching transfer of glass from furnace!"
— Nick, IN - December 2013

"Great tour, wonderful facility and employees!"
— Elizabeth, Arcadia, IN - December 2013

"It was wonderful.   Great tour guide and friendly glass workers!"
— Matt, Lancaster, CA - December 2013

"Best tour I've ever taken!  So much history and beautiful glass!"
— Mark, Evansville, IN - November 2013

"Pretty fun for the whole family, our kids we're so excited to see the hot glass!"
— The Jensen Family, Cincinnati, OH - November 2013

"Very fascinating, exciting, and very welcoming! Our tour guide was amazing!"
— Grace, Kokomo, IN - November 2013

"Amazing Tour!   Everyone seemed super nice!"
— Max & Susan, Columbus, OH - October 2013

"I loved hearing how Kokomo Opalescent Glass got started.   Favorite part was the glass blowers!"
— Barbra, Kokomo, IN - October 2013

"Excellent, Left me in Augh!!"
— Ruby, Kokomo, IN - September 2013

"Our Tour guide was super!   She was extremely knowledgeable, and all employees seem to really love their job!"
— Gayle, Hubor Heights, OH - September 2013

"Everyone was very caring and kind offering a chair to sit in and watching us to make sure we weren't getting too hot.   To be greated at the end by the head man is very special.   Will let others know, This is the Tour to take!!"
— Carol, Lebanon, IN - September 2013

"We really enjoyed our tour guide and the way explained the process!   "
— Rhonda, Delmar, IA - September 2013

"Love the place and everyone was very helpful and very nice!   Will be back for class."
— Ashley, Peru, OH - September 2013

"Loved the entire tour!   Our tour guide was very imformative and loved that an artist was our guide!"
— Susan, Harrod, OH - September 2013

"Loved the Tour!   Our tour guide was so interesting, and her personal passion for the craft made the tour very enjoyable!"
— Lee & Judy, Hunington, OH - September 2013

"What a great facility!   We loved being able to see so many of your operations up close and personal!   What a great time!"
— Michelle, Bettendork, IA - August 2013

"Very nice, very informative!   I have a new appreciation for your art!"
— Judy, Scottsville, KY - August 2013

"Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and had very interesting stories! "
— Michelle, Bettendork, IA - August 2013

"I enjoyed learning and watching, and of course loved the free gift! "
— Syd, Carmel, IN - August 2013

"It was wonderful hearing the history of the company! "
— Sandi, Peru, IN - August 2013

"Excellent Tour!  Fascinating to see the whole process, truly Amazing! "
— Melanie, Russiaville, IN - August 2013

"Retirement gives you time to slow down & enjoy these little gems close to home.   Awesome tour, simply fascinating! "
— John, Martinsville, IN - August 2013

"We will definitely pass the word along to other glass artist and friends from Kalamazoo!   Thanks for the savings on glass with the return of the tour price!"
— Sheri, Kalamazoo, MI - August 2013

"Great, Interesting, Informative, and Wonderfully Helpful People!"
— Dave, Muncie, IN - August 2013

"Fantastic, eye-opening, informative, relational, warm and welcoming.   Great public relations"
— Bryn, Muncie, IN - August 2013

"It was a very informative and fun tour!  David is a happy guide. Fantastic Time!"
— David, Star City, IN - August 2013

"I thought it was fun and I learned a lot from this experience."
— Alyssa, Temecula, CA - July 2013

"It was very interesting and cool to see how much time and details it takes to make a certain piece."
— Julia, Fort Wayne, IN - July 2013

"Wish it was the Battle Creak Opalescent Glass Co.!   I loved the creativity and the customer service was super!"
— David, Battle Creek, MI - July 2013

"Very nice tour - nice group size - very good touring - not too rushed!"
— Judy, Kouts, IN - July 2013

"It was great!   Brought relatives from pennsylvania to take the tour!   They loved it!"
— Chuck, Kokomo, IN - July 2013

"Very interesting "art"!   Beautiful finished products!!"
— Carlene, Kokomo, IN - July 2013

"Wonderful information, relaxed atmosphere, very friendly and kind people!"
— Alice, Sebring, FL - July 2013

"Excellent!   Very interesting tour.  Everyone is very helpful, friendly, and enthusiastic.  Went out of their way to show us all operations.  Employees seemed very proud of their company and their work.  Was impressed that CEO took time to speak with us.  Love the "Made In America" pride!"
— Jan, Wenona, IL - June 2013

"Excellent!  I truly appreciate your history, tradition, and the beautiful product!"
— Sherry, Pendleton, IN - June 2013

"Wonderful, I absolutely loved it! I want a job here!! lol I will like you all on facebook, have a great dat!!"
— Becky, Culver, IN - June 2013

"Wonderful and Informative! Thank you, this was a wonderful gift!"
— Sue, Kokomo, IN - June 2013

"Overall the tour was great.  Very, Very informative, and was fun!  I have done & been in many factories, and this one I would rate as one of the top tours, Thank-You!"
— Dennis, Cutler, IN - June 2013

"The tour was great!  I had a lot of fun! It was a great way to spend my morning, Thank-you!"
— Kaylyn, White, IN - June 2013

"Very Interesting" - Jean & Marvin - Anderson, IN - December 2012

"Very interesting, we had no idea KOG made such an array of Glass Products.  What a treasure this is.  Amazing. - Russell & Heidi - West Bend, WI - December 2012

"Was very impressed with the tour.  Thank you very much." - Aaron - December 2012

"Our Church in Arcadia, Ohio is buying stained galss windows and the glass comes from this company." - Donna, Findlay, OH - November 2012

"This was great!  Like the TV Show "how it's made" in real life." - Becky, Whitestown, IN - November 2012

"So interesting & amazing.  Loved it." - Cynthia, Carmel, IN - November 2012

"Hidden treasure I never knew was here when I lived in Noblesville.  God Bless you all." - Jerry, Canover, NC - November 2012

"Cindy was the greatest tour guide I have ever had." - Kokomo, IN - November 2012

"So interesting & amazing. Loved it!" - Cynthia, Carmel, IN - November 2012

"Cindy was an excellent tour guide and her stories were very entertaining." - Oatres, Chicago, IL - November 2012

"Exceptionally interesting, informative, enjoyable and memorable." - Leon, Hillsboro, OH - October 2012

"Love glass items.  The process is so interesting.  Thank you for your time and contribution to American Made products." - Donna, Brownsburg, IN - October 2012

"I took a vacation day to come and it was a great use of the day." - Jean, Warsaw, IN - October 2012

"Our tour guide was informative and very enthuseastic, easy to understand and knowledgeable." - Sydney, Wolfeboro, NH - October 2012

"I am a marble collector and knew marbles were once made at Kokomo - looked on line and was empressed with the tour...everyone was plesant and very helpful.  Great group of employees."  - Martha, Scottsville, VA - August 2012

"It was a lot of fun and I am going to come back." - Megan, Kokomo, IN - August 2012

We will definitely tell many people about this place!  Thank you SO MUCH! - Kyra, Noblesville, IN - August 2012

"Really gave me a new appreciation for glass." - Robert, Ft. Wayne, IN - August 2012

"Extreamely well done tour.  One of the best I've ever taken!  So informative and guide was extremely knowledgeable." - Jenny, St. Louis, MO - July 2012

"Pretty cool, the people who work here are very knowledgable and cool." - Matt, New Carlisle, OH - July 2012

"It is great that you open up what you do so that we can share it too!" - Theresa, Dayton, OH - July 2012

"Great tour, all employees including tour guide & shop personel were very friendly including the owner.  Great job everyone!" - Alan, Bristol, IN - July 2012

"I enjoyed watching the various craftspeople makning the different types of glass" - Marjorie, Edwardsville, IL - July 2012

"Best glass tour so far." - Cathy, St. Clair, MO - July 2012

"Very informative.  Have been to other factories & your was ver very good." - July 2012

"Excellent tour.  Very Interesting.  I will bring people back for another tour."  Anita, Indianapolis, IN - July 2012

"One of the most interesting tours I've ever been on (including 2 recent segway tours & a DC Suprem Court tour). - Edrie, Little Canada, MN - July 2012

"I wish more people knew aobut this place and will do my best to tell people and guide the here." - Matt, W. Lafayette, IN - July 2012

"Excellent!  Thank you so much!  Gave me a new respect for the industry and the prices charged - What a special gift and talent your workers have!" - Laura, Fishers, IN - July 2012

"Very informative.  The water was an unexpected suprise.  Very caring and professional staff.  Everyone was friendly and helpful." - Chuck, Fishers, IN - July 2012

"Excellent tour, just right detail and timing, full of key stages, explanations, and information." - Frances, Cloughey, United Kingdom - July 2012

"I would come back, I have a friend who does stained glass windows.  She would love this tour." - July 2012

I enjoyed the tour.  We love watching glass being made." - Mike, Roscoe, NY - July 2012


"(Mystery Club Tour)  This was faboulus - Fascinating.  So amazed to lear about it and to get so close to the process." - Jim, Goshen, IN - June 2012

"Great explanation of the entire history and process of glass making." - Jason, Olivehurst, CA - June 2012

"Seeing the glass being made was very cool.  I also love seeing what can be created with the glass." - Katrina, Stillwater, OK - June 2012

"The factory was stepping back in time." - Jen, Wabash, IN - June 2102

"Very Informative all your employees were very gracious in answering our questions." - Ann, Fishers, IN - June 2012

"Fantastic, worth the 100 mile drive" - Casey, Bloomington, IN - June 2012

"Very informative and very interesting." - Barbara, Kokomo, IN - June 2012

"Cant' wait to come back." - Rex, Newton, IA - June 2012

"Excellent - enjoyed the 'old' factory." - Donna, Danville, IN - May 2012

"Excellent.  I planned tour for sisters visiting from Peru, California, and South Dakota.  They were thrilled with experience.  I was a hero!" - Devita, Peru, IN - May 2012

"Have a cardinal suncatcher received as a gift a few years ago - purchased from OP Shop - now have greater appreciation for it." - Riis, Pierre, South Dakota - May 2012

"It was the best tour I can remember taking!" - Tania, Hidden Hills, CA - May 2012

"Cindy did great!  We are looking forward to coming back.  This was a fun day & she recommended Pastarific for lunch & it was great too!" - Amy, Lebanon, IN - May 2012

"It was an experience I will never forget!" - Taylor, Kokomo, IN - May 2012

"Gives you a new appreciation of what glass is worth." - Barbara, Gas City, IN - May 2012

"Thank you so much for a great tour and your kindness.  This is a great way to spend the day." Liz, Anderson, IL - May 2012

"Thoroughly enjoyed the tour.  Did not realize what it takes to make glass." - Theresa, Belvidere, IL - April 2012

"LOVED THE TOUR.  BEST TOUR I EVER WENT ON!" - Sharon, Kalamazoo, MI - April 2012

"Wonderful experience with my daughter & grandchildren.  Thanks for a good time." - Carol Ann, Kokomo, IN - April 2012

"Very interesting, allowed enough time to watch the artisans and to ask questions." - Charlanne, Clyde, NY - April 2012

"A great tour!  Absolutely met my expectations as a glass artist and KOG user." - Ray, Minneapolis, MN - April 2012

"I loved it here.  I hope I can come back and do it again!" - Dylan, Kokomo, IN - April 2012

"I love what yo do.  I hope you never stop making glass, it changes peoples lives. - Diana, Kokomo, IN - April 2012

"We were very impressed that the CEO gave us a tour.  He was awsome & should get a big raise!" - Lyle, Pontiac, IL - April 2012

"Very personable, Extreamly informative, Wonderful to see quality handmande local products." - Emily, Wheaton, IL - March 2012

"Great!  Terrific History!" - Martha, Kokomo, IN - March 2012

"Linda and I enjoyed the personal touch everyone gave us doing the tour.  The pride in all you do definately comes through!" - Dan & Linda, Zionsville, IN - March 2012

"Great!  Will come back with friends & Family." - Jeni, Kokomo, IN - February 2012

"Excellent, everyone should come & enjoy.  Interesting to all ages." - Mike & Mary, Frankfort, IN - February 2012

"It was a good, thorough, interesting tour, and Carrie did a great job.  All the workers willingly answered our many questions.  Thanks for the free gift, too!"  - Kim, Noblesville, IN - February 2012

"LOVED IT!!  Don't change a thing...My dad is a stained glass artisan and I will definately have to bring him here for a tour sometime soon."  Michaela, Pittsburgh, PA - January 2012

"I find it amazing tht with only 33 employees work to put out the volumn that you produce.  Everyone was most helpful and friendly.  Loved the tour.  Thinking about coming back for a class."  - Barb, Kimberling City, MO - January 2012

"I enjoyed everything & Found the History very Interesting.  Everyone was very helpful & friendly." - Carol, Kimberling City, MO - January 2012

"Was here once before - Hope I'll be back again" - Mina, Greenwood, IN - January 2012

When asked what did you like most on the tour? "The guide, the information, the hospitality." - Joy, Eventon, IL, August 2011

"Love seeing the skill and hard work of people. - Great Tour!" - Joan, Megdon, WI, - August 2011

"It was Awesome!!!" - Danville, IN - August 2011

"Great Job!  I'll be bringing my family back!" - Sasha, Wolcott, IN - August 2011

"This was one of the neatest experiences my husband and I have ever had.  Thanks so much for the opportunity to tour your factory.  One can certainly ee the pride everyone we met takes in their work!  We'll be back someday!"  - Bob & Cheryl, Lancaster, PA

"Great tour guide.  Very welcoming staff.  Informative & fun.  So happy to see an American company thrive!" - Julia, Lafayette,IN - March 2011

"Thank you so much - amazing details shared.  So thrilled to see your artits at work!" - Jen, West Lafayette, IN March 2011

"This was a wonderful tour!  I really enjoyed it!" - Diane, Columbus, IN - March 2011

"Liked the different tour guides - second time! - Karen, Fort Wayne, IN - March 2011

"The info & knowledge of our guide...This was the best ever!  I really learned about glass for the 1st time!'
-Linda, Battle Creek, MI - September 2010

"One of the most interesting things I've done in Indiana to date.  Gathering geodes a close second."
-George, Eustis, FL - September 2010

"Cindy was great & so enthusiastic & knowledgable.  It was great to see real craftsmen at work esp in the glass blowing & see a USA product & not made in china.  This is what makes our country "great"."
-Harold, Kokomo, IN - September 2010

"Every step of the way.  It was explained in excellent everyday language."
-Beverly, Madison, WI - September 2010

"I had no idea how widely known KOG was.  It is really fantastic to see something still made in America and sold worldwide.  Thanks!"
-Tom, Lafayette, IN - August 2010

"Very informative, wonderful to meet the artisans and workmen - they seem to enjoy each other and work in harmony.  KOG has a great history, well organized with ownderful work ethic."
-Christie, Paris, IL - August 2010

"This was one of the neatest tours Ii have been on.  I wish we had one of these in Huston."
-Olaya, Huston, TX - August 2010

"It ws so nice to have John.  You know how much he loved this business.  No doubt it will go far.  We'll send our friends for the tour, great job"
-Chris, Plymouth, IN - July 2010

"Wonderful.  Learned something new.  A place and it's history I did not even know existed.  I will spread the word whenever possible!"
-John, Lakeland, FL - July 2010

"Seeing the making of the glass makes us value and understand the purchase cost!  We liked that made in th eU.S.A. was stressed as a point of pride.  Your company is a source of honor for Kokomo"
-Annamarie, Russiaville, IN - July 2010

"So impressed with outstanding customer service and the friendly attitude of all the employees."
-Linda, Wabash, IN - July 2010

"Time well spent!  Hope to come back and bring others!"
-Renee, Fishers, IN - July 2010

"The tour was fabulus.  We learned so much!  I'm ver glad our family stopped to visit."
-Rich, Raleigh, NC - July 2010

"Very interesting and informative. I've always admired the glass, but now that I know how complicated it is to make it, I will appreciate it even more"
- Marcia, Charottesville, IN - June 2010

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