Classes at Kokomo Opalescent Glass


Alcohol Ink & Glass Class

This class is a fun way to use Alcohol Ink on our art glass.   In this class you will create two projects.  In one project you will be using a stencil and adding ink to a Heads & Tails piece.  In the second project, you will be learning to use freeform ink techniques on an 8” x 8” panel to create flowers, landscapes, or abstract art.  This is a two hour class, please wear appropriate attire as working with ink is messy and may potentially stain clothes.  Gloves, glass, and ink will be supplied in the class.  This class is tremendous fun and requires no tools or glass skills.  For glass artists, it is an interesting and fun new idea for your bag of tricks! The costs for this class is $75 for the first person, then $50 for each additional person you bring with! Call the OP Shop to schedule a class today! 765-475-1829


What students have said about the Alcohol Ink & Glass classes:

"Great intro for beginner, especially with no art experience whatsoever." -Roberta Doyle                                         



- Glass Painting Class

Glass painting is now being offered at Kokomo Opalescent Glass! Our talented and creative staff painter Dee is available to teach any skill level her technique of painting, using acrylic enamel on our opalescent glass. You can use our patterns, your own patterns, a photograph, or even a custom design from Dee herself to create a work of art that you can keep. These classes are between two and three hours long, depending on difficulty and intricacy, and are being offered for $100 for a beginner's course. Difficulty, time, and other factors can modify the price, so please call The OP Shop at 765-457-1829 to schedule a class.

Head Glass painting by Dee!


- Mosaic Class

Our Mosaic Class is a wonderful opportunity to take our glass and use it in a unique and artistic format. Using small pieces of glass, you will lay out and affix the pieces into a pattern of your choosing or in a pattern we can provide. Our mosaic class is offered at $100 for the first person, and $75 for each additional person you bring with for a 3 hour period, adjustments can be made as time is needed. To schedule a class please call The OP Shop at 765-457-1829, we hope to see you very soon!

Grouting of a mosaic piece using Kokomo Opalescent Glass!

- Kaleidoscope Class

Our Kaliedoscope Class is an all new, fun and exciting class using many different forms of our glass. In this 4 hour class you will learn how to make your very own kaleidoscope similar to these! You will learn various glass cutting, soldering, and glass chipping techniques. Have fun with one our classes by yourself or bring a friend or relative. These classes are approximately 4 hours long and are only $175 for the first person, then $150 for any additional person! To schedule a class please call our retail division The OP Shop at 765.457.1829. Hope to see you soon!

What Students Have Said About The Kaleidoscope Class:                                                                    "Loved the class! Anna is wonderful & patient. If I lived here I'd be here for classes." - Terry




Kaliedoscope Class



Shadow Art

Shadow Art is an incredible technique using our Dalle de Verre glass!  In this class you will learn to use decorative solder techniques, copper sheet, and how to place items on the front and back of the glass to create the 3-Dimensional designs.  Patterns, patina's, glass color and shapes will vary with the class. Classes $125.00 for a 3 hour course. $100 for each additional person.  Must Have a Basic Knowledge of Soldering.


Eagles Shadow Art



We like to work with you on days and times to make the class convient and workable for you.  Please call the OP SHop to schedule a class - 765-457-1829.

What students have said about the Shadow Art classes:

"I was so impressed with the staff and thoroughly enjoyed the class.  I traveled 9 1/2 hours to take this class and was not disappointed." - Barbara

"Excellent & the instructor Mark was great." - Carol

Hot Glass Blowing Class

In this class you will learn about gathering glass, the basic tools involved, frit, blowing, and safety in handling glass. You will create your own paperweight and a blown ornament. Classes will be offered as one-on-one or up to three individuals at a time due to limited space.


Glass Blowing Classes



Class are $200.00 for the three hour course as an individual, $150 for each additional person you bring. We offer these amazing classes Mon. - Fri. at the times from 8:30am - 11:30am or 9:00am - 12:00pm. Classes can be scheduled by contacting Anne at 765.457.8136.

*Pre-registration is required.

*If not 18 years or older a legal guardian has to sign a release form for you.



Bead Making Classes

Classes are $75 for the two hour course.  Get five of your friends together and get your class for a great deal!  Classes can be scheduled by contacting the OP Shop at 765-457-1829.


Lampworking Class


Once you have take a class you can come by and use our Open Torch time (Cost is $8 per hour for use of torch and tools) to work on your skills.

**Additional open torch time is available by appointment**

What students have said about the bead making classes:

"Everyone here was great" - Marlene

"Very good instruction..." - Anita

"Very informative - Enjoyed it so very much and will definitely want to do again.  Great teacher!" - Jana

"I am very grateful that you have made this available in Kokomo.  I intend to practice here and continue with classes.  Thank you!" - Martha

"I Loved IT!  Gabby is Wonderful! I will be back!" - Sandy

"Sandy was excellent!!  Very helpful and tailored the class to my needs, Thanks!!" - Neal

"Just awesome! Instructors were patient and kind. Very good help & encouragement to a beginner." - Joyce

"Very enjoyable, I have had several people tell me about this place - loved it! Hard time finding it though." - Shirley

"Had a great time. Hope to get my grandson here, he is an art teacher in the Blind School but loves working with glass." - Nancy

"Had a great time, Thanks!" - Regina

"I really enjoyed the class and I had a lot of fun, Anna was great." - Victoria

"Great instructor, very encouraging. Made steps simple & easy to understand. Loved it." - Sarah

"Anna was sweet." - Allison

"Anna is an awesome & talented lady!" - Delaney

"Great time! Look forward to coming back!" - Karen

"Dee is an excellent teacher and the beads we're fun to make! I will be back! Thanks!!" - Betty

"Nice beads to have when class was finished, Dee was so helpful to a novice like me." - Nancy

"Excellent class, I can't wait to come back to make more beads." - Jennifer

"It was so fun!" - Bonnie

"Very thourough class, I wish I lived closer so I could take more classes, can't thank you enough!" - Nancy






Stained Glass Classes

Learning to work with glass is exciting and fun!  We love to educate individuals on the use of our glass in all of it's forms.  We continually work to develop classes that will interest and challenge students in working with glass.  We sometimes bring in guest instructors for popular classes.  Kokomo Opalescent Glass has many different types of classes and can always customize a class for a student(s) particular need from beginner to expert - just let us know what you are interested in learning. Prices are $100 for a three hour class.  Call the OP Shop to sign-up for classes at 765-457-1829.



The student will learn how to make a copper foil suncatcher from start to finish in this three hour class. No prior glass knowledge is required as this is a great beginner or refresher class. Price includes use of all our tools, glass, and instruction on cutting glass, use of a grinder, copper foil techniques and use of a soldering iron, flux, and solder. Pre-registration is required.

Available class dates & times:


Please call the OP Shop to schedule a class - 765-457-1829.

All Classes should be scheduled a week in advance and are offered Monday-Friday!

Watch for more classes coming soon!